With a modern & fully equipped design office, Fire Technology has the means to produce a range of detailed designs & documentation in accordance with both Australian and international standards. The range of fire system disciplines we can provide cover;

  • Wet & Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Hydrant and Hosereel Systems
  • Fire Pump Installations
  • Gas Suppression Systems
  • Foam Systems
  • Mist Systems
  • Detection Systems
  • Alarm Systems

What We Do

Fixed Fire Systems Design & Consulting

Fire Sprinkler Systems/Suppression

Fire Technology can provide fire sprinkler design to both Australian and international standards, we examine each project and provide the best possible outcome for both time constraints and budget. We prepare our design drawings using CAD programs, co-ordinating with all other services available at the time of design, detailing all items such as hanger supports, control valve schematics, material schedules, pipe sizes and hydraulic calculations.
The following is a list of systems we can provide designs for.

The most common of sprinkler systems, the most reliable of its type from its simplistic design. Typically found in office & retail buildings, warehouses & factories, carparks etc..

These systems are used for special hazard areas in which rapid fire spread is a concern, they provide a simultaneous application of water over the entire installed area. Best used in applications such as outdoor transformers, fuel vessels and aircraft hangars.

By using the same application method as a deluge system, a foam system utilizes a mixture of water and low expansion foam concentrate, resulting in a foam spray from the sprinkler head. This system is usually used in special hazard occupancies such as airport hangars or where flammable liquid is present.

These systems are installed in areas in which the water in the pipe may be subject to freezing, the second most common sprinkler installation in cold climates.

This system is specialized for use in locations were accidental activation is undesired, typically activated by automatic warning detection devices they provide a safeguard against unwanted release in areas such as data centres, museums etc..

Residential Fire Sprinklers

The ever increasing demand for apartment living has resulted in the development of system designs specifically tailored to this risk class. Such designs provide a level of protection with the safety of occupants in mind while at the same time offering economy of construction.

The latest development in applying this protection criteria now extends to accommodation buildings above 4 stories with specific criterias.

Fire Hydrant and Hosereel Systems

Fire hydrant and hose reel systems are the brigade’s hands on defence against fires.

Pumps, booster stations, hose reels and/or hydrant outlets throughout buildings or properties, provide a ready means of water supply.

A fire can be quickly quelled by the application of water aimed directly by firemen to these affected areas.

Special Hazards

Such systems provide specific protection to risks not suitable for suppression via traditional wet systems.

They may include;

  • Foam suppression
  • Gaseous suppression
  • Mist suppression

Fire Pumps

Where inadequate pressure or flow is not readily available from public supply, booster pumps & in some cases water storage tanks provide the required water supply to meet system demands.

Commonly installed as independent per fire system (sprinkler or hydrant only), they may alternatively be combined to provide water supply to multiple systems, saving installation costs. Each pump assembly is designed to meet all Australian Standard requirements to ensure compliance.

All pipework detailed to meet AS1851 testing requirements at the design stage allowing for fully compliant commissioning, certification & ongoing maintenance. There are various combinations & design criteria to suit all suppression systems to be strictly complied with.

CAD Detailing

For those clients with technical know-how but short on time, we can provide CAD detailed designs in line with any level of documentation provided related to all fire systems.

3D Design

The full scope of 3D design can be undertaken inclusive of co-ordination and clash detection utilising Revit and Navisworks. This process takes the co-ordination process to a new level of detail.

Inspection & Certification

Fire Technology has the expertise and qualification to provide Inspection & certification of fixed fire systems in all disciplines of fire protection systems.

This service includes the following to suit client requirements to all relevant design and authority criteria.

  • Certification of Design Documents
  • Certification of Systems Installation
  • Inspection + Reports of existing systems
  • Guidance, clarification and understanding of AS1851 testing schedules and requirements.
  • Verification of correct testing procedures and results.

Project Management

Where your internal expertise does not lend itself to cover fire systems we can provide management services/assistance tailored to suit your project specific needs.

Procurement Assistance

As a result of our combined 10+ decades of industry involvement we have extensive contacts and associations to assist in obtaining all industry products from the best and most competitive suppliers direct to our clients.